My top5ive songs of the week

Hey out there, no long intro into this blog. I’m just going to jump right in. Now for this week my song choices are mostly older songs that I just love, and want to share. Let’s get started…

Song #1 Champagne Supernova- Oasis 

I was driving home from work late one evening this last week, and this song came on the radio. It was instant nostalgia for me. Growing up I loved Oasis. This song is from their album (What’s the story) Morning Glory? Most of their hit songs are from that particular album. I give this song a 3 on my rating scale. It’s honestly such an amazing song. The lyrics, the music, and it’s of course catchy. 

Song #2 Classic Man- Jidenna

This song isn’t nearly as old as that last one.  It’s called Classic Man. I’ve been jamming out to this one for the past couple of days.  Released in 2015 by the artist Jidenna. I really love this song, so it gets a 3 in my book. The song is about being a classy dope dealer I guess , but really it’s one of those songs that you don’t even notice it’s meaning. Jidenna really hasn’t put out much since this song, which is disappointing, but at least we have this hit. 

Song #3 Bad and Boujee- Migos

Why not jump from one song about drug dealing to another song about the same subject haha? I’m only reviewing this song, because it’s so popular right now. There’s not a whole lot to say  about this song. Honestly, by my scale it only gets a 1. It is super catchy, and you don’t even realize it. Before you know it, you’re singing it in your head. I have to give it to the Migos though, they are an independent group, so pretty much every penny they earn, they keep. I can only imagine how much they’ve  learned from this song. Very wise business move on their part. 

Song #4 Chicago is so two years ago- Fall Out Boy

Jumping to some awesome kick ass music. This song is by one of my all time favorite bands. This is from their album Take This To Your Grave. Which is by far FOB’s best album. This song gets a 3, the music, and the lyrics are amazing. I love the use of metaphors in music, and they always do a great job with this. Plus it helps that they are from my home state, and I know someone that actually knew them. When I found that fact out, I was honestly kinda floored. The world is sometimes a very small place. 

Song #5 Slide- Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, and Migos 

Okay, so this song is relatively new, and the actual video hasn’t been released yet, so the link is just to a preview of the song, otherwise you’re stuck listening to covers of it. I had to warm up to this song. I really didn’t like it much at first, but now it’s starting to stick. It gets a 2 on my scale. I like the song, but honestly the “buy the boy with the pipe” part is incredibly annoying. If he hadn’t used that soundbyte, I would’ve enjoyed the song a hell of a lot more. I’m sure this will be another huge hit for Calvin Harris, especially with it featuring the likes of Frank Ocean, and the hugely popular Migos.

So this has been my top5ive music choices for the week. Please check them out, and as always feel free to leave comments. Thank you for reading!  


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