The hierarchy of friendship 

Friendships are important. I think we all generally know that, but we never truly sit down and give much thought to just how important they are. Sometimes friends come and go, sometimes they last a few years, but the best ones last a lifetime. A great friend can help you grow, and become a better version of yourself, while a bad one can take you down a path that you otherwise would’ve never chosen. I’m going to attempt to give my thoughts, and reflections on the different types of friends a person can have. 

Disclamer, this is of course opinion, and based on my experiences. No cold, hard,  scientific proof on this 😆. 

Okay, I’m starting with the top first of this hierarchy. I call this the A-1 friend or BFF.  They are your lifeline, the person you could see everyday and never grow tired of. You talk to them for hours about all the things you love, and what you really don’t love. They are your cheeriest cheerleader, or your biggest critic when needed, and you are theirs. This relationship (if you’re lucky enough to find one) is gold. I can say I finally have this, and I speak from personal experience. Life is different with an A-1 friend. All of your fears, all of the joy you experience, the ups and downs, are  shared. This was something that took me a while to get used to, but it changes things when you realize that person loves you so much that they want to be with you through the good and the bad. I feel like a true BFF is sort of a soulmate relationship. Not in a romantic sense of the word. Just in that a BFF like that gets you on levels that sometimes you can’t even understand yourself. It’s a beautiful feeling to have it 💜.

Level 2 or as I call the “good friends”.These are people that you know well, but you don’t keep them on a super close basis. They are the ones you would invite to a party, or go out to dinner with occasionally. You talk to them on a semi regular, but you wouldn’t share the intimate details of your life with them. They are the kind of friend you could call if something tragic or serious happened ,and they would politely listen.  They would also probably help you out if you really needed it. 

Moving on to level 3 friends, or as I like to call them “good time friends”. Activity buddies would be another good name for this type of friendship. This is the friend you share common hobbies, but not much else. You might go to the gym with them, go to a concert, or hang out at bar with. You don’t really talk to them about personal things. They are generally just entertaining for the activity, but you grow tired of them as people. They don’t bring much to the table as far as a friend goes. They wouldn’t be there for you if you needed them.  Usually they are only active in your life  when things are light, and fun. They bail at any signal of trouble.

Level 4 friends or acquaintances. Obviously this is close to the lowest end of the friendship tier. These are people you know, but not well at all. You maybe went to school with them, follow them on Facebook, or they are a friend of a friend. If you saw them out in public you would most likely speak to them, but not otherwise. They know little about your life, and you don’t bother to keep up with theirs. Your world moves on regardless of them.

Last, but not least level 5 friends, or internet friends. This level could be with the acquaintances category, but I think this constitutes as a different friendship entirely. Usually you don’t really know internet friends at all. You’ve never met them, never had an actual conversation, but you know things about them based on their social media or whatever. You may have met them in a group on FB or through a dating app. You don’t really want to get to know know these people, but they share some of the same interests as you, so you keep them on your friends list. Maybe one day they’ll move up the hierarchy, but it’s doubtful. Not to say that you can’t make great internet friends, but there will always be  that barrier, because you can’t be sure that what they are telling you about themselves is 100% accurate. 

I hope you enjoyed my truthful descriptions on different types of friendships. There are more divisions within these levels, but for today I’m just keeping it simple. Feel free to leave feedback, and as always thanks for reading this strangers blog. I’ll now leave you with this lovely song about friends.


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