My top 5ive music 

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. It has been a busy 2 weeks not only for me, but in the music world. I’m really excited about some of these tunes, so let’s get started on my fav songs of this week. 

Paramore: Hard Times 

Anyone that knows me, knows my love for Paramore. They are absolutely my favorite band. I’ve loved them since hearing “This Circle” back in 2006. A lot has changed for them since those days. The Farros left back in 2010, and dropped them down to a 3 piece band. At the end of 2015 original member and bassist for the group Jeremy Davis left. Leaving only Lead singer Hayley, and guitarist Taylor. I thought for sure after all of the drama that unfolded from Jeremy’s departure , they would break up….Thankfully they didn’t, and  with the rejoining of former drummer Zac Farro they embarked on a new style of Paramore.  As soon as I heard the news of this new song, I had to check it out, and I was not disappointed! This song is a definitely different style for the group, but as always Paramore reinvented themselves for the better. This song is so catchy, the beat, the 80’s style theme, and the lyrics are telling of how we all encounter hard times, but of course it’s their own personal story. I’m ranking this at a 3 on my scale. I LOVE IT! If you want something fun to jam out to, check this song out.

Drake: Passionfruit 

Ahhh Drake, his music is often slammed for sounding like everyone else. I can agree with that sometimes, but I love a lot of Drake’s music anyway. This song isn’t brand new. His recent album More Life dropped back last month, but I just started hearing this song, and it stuck with me. It’s a mellow kind of tune about relationship issues, long distance problems, and trust. I really enjoy just the music alone, and Drake’s smooth vocals take it over the top. I’m giving this song a 3. I’ve listened to it so much over this past week and I’m still loving it…

*Disclaimer, Drake’s newer stuff is no longer on YouTube, so the link will be for an amazing cover of this song.

Fall Out Boy- Young and Menace 

Fall Out Boy, another favorite band of mine. Also another band much like Paramore that adjusted, and changed their style up over the years. I wasn’t aware that they would be putting anything out this year. Then all of a sudden BAM, I see promos for their new album all over the place. So the first listen to this song for me felt weird. I really enjoyed it, but for Fall Out Boy it is very uncoventional. I even had my best friends( who also happen to love FOB)  listen to it, and it  seemed like they had the same opinion. Change can be a good thing though, and I’m totally looking forward to their new album coming out in September. I’m giving this song a 3, because it is hella catchy, the music sounds heavy in electronics, which I love. I will say this song gets some extra bonus  points, because the video is fun to watch. 

Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne- No Frauds 

So I’ll start out with some background on this particular song for those that don’t keep up with music news. This song is a response to Remy Ma’s seven minute long  hit SHether. In which all kinds of Nicki’s life/personal stuff was shoved out into the open.. The history of this battle is a little boring, therefore I’m not going to dive into all of that. Google it if you do want to know. Moving on, this song isn’t the best response track one could have considering how scathing Remy’s track was, and she released it so long after SHether, it kind of makes it irrelevant to the whole drama. This song gets maybe a 2 from me. The real music video helps this song out a lot. The visuals make the song less boring. I honestly skip Lil Wayne’s verse every time, because it’s awful. The song would’ve been better without him. I also found it strange that she threw Ellen DeGeneres into this mix. Idk, it’s just a little odd. 

Katy Perry ft Migos- Bon Appétit

Migos are the big thing of 2017 , and everyone is adding them or the individual counterparts to their music. Katy Perry of course decided to add them to her new track. Honestly , I know most people will probably hate this song, but I truly believe this will be the jam of the summer. I LOVED IT from first listening, and I’ve had it on repeat on and off these past few days.  I will say that I think she should’ve waited to release this, for at least for a few weeks. Too many other songs came out the very same day as this one, so it detracted from people paying attention to it. This song isn’t meaningful obviously, it’s whole lyrical content is metaphors and euphemisms for oral sex, but it has the CATCHIEST beat. I found myself really dancing around to this. It’s a 3 in my book..The Migos add a wonderful touch to this song in my opinion. The one negative thing I will say is that I wish Quavo would stop using the auto tune so much. He is a great rapper without all of that crap. 

This is my Top 5ive for this week. As always thank you for reading. Also I discovered a new app that I wish I had known about ages ago. It’s called Cymbal and it’s a music discovery app. If you love music as much as I do, you’ll love it. 


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