Music for the week 

The music mill has been a little dry on good music lately, but I’m going to take some time to write about songs that have caught my attention lately. 

1. Attention-Charlie Puth 

I’m not really a huge fan of Charlie Puth, but this song has (no pun inteded) caught my attention. It has a catchy beat, and Charlie’s vocals are light, but powerful as he sings about a former lover that still wants to play with his heart. It’s definitely a song that gets stuck in the brain. I LOVE the funky retro sounding bass line. That really gives this song it’s musical punch. Even if you’re not a fan of today’s pop music, I would take some time to check this one out. 

2. Strip That Down- Liam Payne ft. Quavo

This one had to grow on me. I really didn’t care for it much upon first listen, but now I would say this song is decent. Being the last 1D member to put out solo music, I can honestly say I like what he has out more than the other members. This song is catchy  though, and it’s worth checking out. There isn’t any depth to it, so if you’re looking for that, I would say pass, but if you’re just wanting something to dance around to, this is a good one.  I will complain about one thing. I’m not in love with this new fad of adding rappers to every pop song. Quavo’s verse isn’t a deterrent, but it just seems like it really isn’t needed. 

3. Now or Never- Halsey 

Halsey songs are usually never on my radar much. She is talented, and I love the raspy voice thing, but I’m just not into her music. This song is amazing though! I didn’t post the actual music video to this one, because it is distracting, and I feel it takes away from the music. The music has a weird beat  that’s kinda slow, but you could dance to it, and I enjoy that. Lyrically it’s decent. I think anyone can relate to the theme of having the person you love not commit. It’s worth listening to for sure. 

4. Somebody Else- The 1975

God this song hits me right in the feels. This isn’t a new song, but it’s been stuck in my head, and it has resonated with me. The actual music is minimal, but it creates a powerful, emotion. It almost seems to me like the music alone expresses the sadness and pain the singer is going through. This song is telling the story of someone that’s dealing with the hurt of a former love moving on. It has a slightly retro 80’s ballad vibe, and I think that’s one of the reasons I love this song so much. Honestly I usually cry a little while listening to it. That’s the true marker of a great song. 

5. Passionfruit (Drake cover) -Paramore 

Two of my favs all in one spot. I saved this for last, because it’s just soooo good! Anyone that knows me, knows my love for Paramore, and Drake. This song choice is obviously a winning combo for me. Anyway, Paramore covers are always spot on, but unique in their own way. This one is no different. When I saw this posted online I thought to myself this is going to be epic, and it was. They keep the music mostly the same, with Taylor playing the funky guitar riff, but Haley Williams gives the vocals new life. Anyone that loves Paramore as much as I do, you will definitely enjoy this cover. 


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